Three Reasons You Should Use Carpet Cleaning Services

For many people, carpet cleaning services seem unnecessary. You vacuum your carpets regularly, and scrub up any spills. That’s enough, right? Wrong. There are huge benefits to have your carpets properly and professionally cleaned regularly, and to making sure you find the right person for the job. It’s possible to rent deep cleaning equipment to use yourself, but this often doesn’t compare to the tools available to professionals. Moreover, well meaning DIY-ers can easily wind up doing more harm than good. If used improperly, carpet cleaning equipment can actually damage carpets, for instance by leaving water behind that will become a breeding ground for mold. So, without further ado, three reasons you should use professional carpet cleaning services:

carpet cleaning services

  1. Air quality

It may seem like a clean carpet has little to do with air quality, however carpets act like sponges for the air, sucking up all sorts of dust and dirt as you might expect, but also pet dander, food particles, chemical residues, and anything else that comes into your home. Rather than filtering these things out, carpets can pick them up and release them over time, making it impossible to get truly fresh air inside.

This isn’t just inconvenient – it’s dangerous. Poor air quality can affect the health of those with respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis, and even induce such problems. Moreover, young children (who often play on the ground and are in closest contact with dirty carpets) can easily find their health negatively affected.

  1. Mold & Fungi

If carpet fibers become exposed to water for a prolonged period – more than a day or so – they can develop mold and fungi. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to use a carpet cleaning service, since it can be so dangerous. Even if you’re careful about mopping up spills, even a little water residue on a single carpet fiber can lead to mold. This mold will release airborne spores which will be picked up by anyone who breathes the air in which they are contained, and which have extremely serious health implications.

  1. The carpet itself!

Using a professional carpet cleaning service also has the obvious benefit of cleaning and treating your carpet. This will improve the look of the carpet, which can brighten up the entire room. Moreover, having carpets regularly cleaned extends their lifespan, and in many cases is necessary for upholding carpet warrantees. If you want to keep your carpets beautiful for longer, get them cleaned!